Definition of bearberry in US English:


nounPlural bearberries

  • A creeping dwarf shrub of the heath family, with pinkish flowers and bright red berries.

    Genus Arctostaphylos, family Ericaceae: several species, in particular A. uva-ursi, found especially in circumpolar regions

    • ‘She concocted a potion of bearberry, marshmallow bark, clivers, hydrangea, and saw palmetto extracts that she administered by syringe in tandem with immune system boosters goldenseal and echinacea.’
    • ‘Another ingredient to try is bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) extract, also listed as uva-ursi extract on ingredient labels.’
    • ‘Nature's Gate Organics Advanced Skin Care ($25 - $35; at health-food stores nationwide) is an anti-aging line of creams and serums that treats skin with grape-seed extract, soy, mulberry and bearberry.’
    • ‘He brought his copy with him as he carried bowls of sliced bread, bearberries, rowan-berries, and scrubbed pignut tubers out to the fledgling's glade.’
    • ‘Cloudberry leaves, bearberry leaves, and alpine smartweed were used for general stomach-aches and kidney problems.’
    • ‘The eye-renewal mask - with bearberry extract, a plant-derived lightening agent to help soften dark circles, and cucumber extract to relieve puffiness - completes the treatment.’
    • ‘Actually I tucked a few bearberry plants among them as a salve to his feelings, and that spread almost as satisfyingly as the woodruff.’
    • ‘But it does the trick when added in combination with dandelion root and bearberry extract.’
    • ‘Some of the smaller plants that grow here are fire snag, wild rose, Labrador tea, bearberry, sedges, eriacaceous shrubs, cottongrass, moss, sphagnum moss, feathermoss, bog cranberry, and blueberry.’
    • ‘Uva Ursi or bearberry (an herb used mainly for bladder infections) is effective against mycoplasmas.’
    • ‘All of the 62 types of flowers, plants and shrubs used in the work, such as ling heather, bearberry, foxglove and gorse, come from County Mayo, which was hit particularly hard by the Famine.’
    • ‘Other species include trailing arbutus, bearberry, wintergreen, inkberry, sweet fern, flowering pixie moss, and cowwheat.’