Definition of bear someone a grudge in US English:

bear someone a grudge


  • Nurture a feeling of resentment against someone.

    • ‘And if a midshipman bears a grudge against a sailor, how easy for him, by cunning practices, born of a boyish spite, to have him degraded at the gangway.’
    • ‘A murder mystery with Sean Connery as the gruff, starchy boss of an army base, forced to team up with a copper who bears a grudge against him.’
    • ‘In Ruff's architectural photographs, and especially in his stereographs, it is precisely the absence of an overt uncanniness, of a suggestion that the world is alive and bearing us a grudge, that is uncanny.’
    • ‘Around that time, Aston showed his cruel streak by sawing off the hand of a soldier just because he bore him a grudge.’
    • ‘Asked by Gamble, prosecuting, if she bore Insp Frost a grudge, Percy said: ‘I don't bear a grudge against him.‘’