Definition of bear (or stand) comparison in US English:

bear (or stand) comparison


  • Be of sufficient quality to be likened favorably to someone or something of the same kind.

    ‘it can stand comparison with any publishing house’
    • ‘But the result is an industry which stands comparison with any elsewhere in the world.’
    • ‘Few would pretend that an MBA stands comparison with a master's degree in basic sciences in scholarship or scientific content.’
    • ‘His record stands comparison with any in world football and is defined by the flexibility of his approach to the challenge of building a team.’
    • ‘They were ‘insiders’, set apart from the community in a place that stood comparison with a prison.’
    • ‘But their track record stands comparison to anybody's in their own right.’
    • ‘They respect him because he gets the job done, and his record stands comparison with any other coach in the world.’
    • ‘Defying all the normal rules which dictate that youth and creative energy go together, it can conjure up late-flowering works that stand comparison or even outstrip anything that an artist has produced in his earlier career.’
    • ‘Yet his talent stands comparison to those around him.’
    • ‘His record as Education Secretary and Home Secretary stands comparison with any of his predecessors.’
    • ‘For its price, there are few reds that stand comparison.’