Definition of beanball in US English:



  • A ball pitched, especially intentionally, at the batter's head.

    • ‘Marcelo and Denise exchange barely perceptible grins; they remember when Motorola COO Mike Zafirovski fired the same beanball at Marcelo's head back in 2000.’
    • ‘He may have to duck a few beanballs and be prepared for some serious heckling.’
    • ‘Pitchers in the Gibon era pitched off a mound that was nearly a foot higher than the current one, they had the advantage of a larger strike zone, and they were allowed to use the beanball to injure and intimidate at will.’
    • ‘Yet such was Bradman's dignity that when asked about the cricket equivalent of a baseball beanball war, he said, ‘It was not, you might say, in the spirit of the game.’’
    • ‘Only one time he rolls the dice and it comes up that his favorite star player is killed by a beanball.’
    • ‘I can still recall hearing Ron Santo's jaw break after he was hit by a beanball thrown by ‘Fat Jack’ Fisher.’
    • ‘The A.L. marks for teenage prowess in those categories belong to the unfortunate Tony Conigliaro, whose career was cut short by the effects of a beanball incident.’
    • ‘The bad blood and beanballs continued after Tino Martinez got plunked Tuesday.’
    • ‘Feisty Yankee bench coach Don Zimmer - a man who knows a few things about beanballs - charged at Martinez and appeared to lunge at him.’
    • ‘There was the mini blowup in the dugout when one of his pitchers failed to retaliate for a beanball at Guillen.’
    • ‘He has refined his skills with the inside pitch to the point that people rarely talk about his beanballs anymore, if at all.’
    • ‘He's also taken up the mantle of team leadership, going back to his vocal disgruntlement over the Yanks’ surprising loss in the AL Divisional Series last season to his recent spat with the Devil Rays over beanballs.’
    • ‘Then, in 1920, Indians shortstop Ray Chapman was killed by a beanball.’