Definition of beam sea in US English:

beam sea


  • A sea that is running at approximately right angles to a vessel's heading.

    • ‘In a beam sea the paddlers face real trouble if they forget to relax and remain fluid.’
    • ‘Because of this, the 31 tends to roll from side to side in a beam sea, particularly at slow speeds or drifting.’
    • ‘On a monohull powerboat the beam sea wave pressure is exerted against the side of the hull tilting it away from the wave.’
    • ‘It was kind of a beam sea going out, and the Century just eats up a beam sea.’
    • ‘Paddlers must have some experience launching and landing in moderate surf and paddling in a beam sea.’
    • ‘Rough, beam seas for the first third, gentle waters for the last two thirds.’
    • ‘The equations of ship motion of the frequency domain were solved in the time domain in regular beam seas.’
    • ‘On leaving the last beach, as we entered the last fetch, with maybe 10-12 knots of side wind, and beam seas of maybe 2 feet, Joel collapsed.’
    • ‘Everyone had to concentrate on holding on tight, especially as we were being hit by a beam sea as we turned to join the armada of boats entering the channel into Nieuwpoort.’
    • ‘With the beam sea still running, and with the boat therefore moving erratically, this was no small feat.’
    • ‘He notes, further, whether there is a following sea, a head sea, a beam sea, or if the sea is on the bow or the quarter.’
    • ‘In beam seas where the period of the waves tends to match the natural period of the vessel, the HMG control typically achieves 90% roll reduction.’
    • ‘Seas parallel to the centerline are called beam seas.’
    • ‘While underway, the boat basically rides like an express cruiser with only slight side to side motion when beam seas are present.’
    • ‘The convex shape incorporates the equally important non-trip below the wide chines to further improve safety in beam seas and quartering swells in a large following sea.’
    • ‘We had 8-10 ft beam seas with an occasional 12 footer thrown in.’
    • ‘All vessels are at their worst in beam seas, high winds and waves.’
    • ‘Another series of tests were carried out simulating the 4000 Class in an evacuation situation, drifting in 3.25 m beam seas at zero speed.’
    • ‘This means in general port bow or beam seas for a passage from Tallinn to Stockholm and following or beam seas in the opposite direction.’
    • ‘Crossing the Cook Channel was a breeze with beam seas at only around a foot to a foot and a half.’