Definition of Beaker folk in US English:

Beaker folk

plural noun

  • A late Neolithic and early Bronze Age European people (c.2700–1700 BC), named after distinctive waisted pots (Beaker ware) that were associated with their burials and appear to have been used for alcoholic drinks.

    • ‘They were the Beaker People, or Beaker Folk, who came from Europe at the end of the Neolithic Period.’
    • ‘The Beaker folk were farmers and archers, wearing stone wrist guards to protect their arms from the sting of the bowstring.’
    • ‘Neither could any of the past's peoples, from the mysterious Beaker folk to the Tudors, have any further influence over the present.’
    • ‘It was generally assumed that the Beaker folk came from southern Europe, from "higher civilisations".’
    • ‘There is still some doubt as to the origins of the Beaker folk, some say Iberia, and some say Central Europe itself.’


Beaker folk

/ˈbēkər ˌfōk/