Definition of beaked in US English:



  • See beak

    in combination ‘a yellow-beaked alpine chough’
    • ‘Eagle-eyed residents have been craning their necks skyward to catch a glimpse of the beaked bandit but, so far, to no avail.’
    • ‘The large beaked nose framed by drooping shaggy eyebrows emphasizes his ethnicity.’
    • ‘Many species will specialize on certain types of seeds; small beaked sparrows eat small seeds, large beaked sparrows eat large seeds.’
    • ‘Flower buds of the native forest trees, however, open in a progression over a six-month span, starting in April with poplars, willows, alders, and beaked hazel and ending in October with witch hazel.’
    • ‘Common in the understory are chokecherry, beaked hazelnut, a wild rose, red baneberry, thimbleberry, and bracken.’
    • ‘The ornithomimids' beaked jaws were probably weak; it is thought that they may have been omnivorous, eating small animals and maybe some plant material.’
    • ‘Of those groups only the higher Dicynodontia were to be successful, and in fact these stocky, toothless and beaked animals remained the dominant terrestrial herbivores right up until the Carnian epoch (Late Triassic period).’
    • ‘Additionally, for the students, the potential stress of working with a new material or in a new technique is counterbalanced by the undiluted fun of trying to create a beaked bull or a jewel-encrusted woodpecker.’
    • ‘Scattered here and there are isolated beaked skulls with testicles in the eye sockets and a penis rising from the forehead like a unicorn horn.’
    • ‘In addition, black oak, pignut hickory, white pine, and beaked hazelnut each contributed at least 5% importance to the community type.’
    • ‘In the earliest known post-Tapinocephalus Zone fauna of southern Africa (where the fossil record for late Permian tetrapods is most complete), new groups of big herbivores - the beaked and toothless dicynodonts - appear.’
    • ‘Mayor researched paleontological finds in the Gobi and discovered that some of the most abundant fossils there belong to Protocerotops, a beaked dinosaur.’
    • ‘Even this beaked bird, with even more direct evidence of feathers, is ‘dated’ to 135 million years, so older than its ‘feathered dinosaur’ ancestor.’
    • ‘It would stand at least four meters tall, if it had enough room to stand comfortably in, its leathery gray skin was covered in patches of chitin, and its mouth was beaked.’
    • ‘Slowly its two tentacles appear, stretching almost lazily toward a shrimp until, with staggering speed, they shoot out to their full extent and grab the prey, pulling it back into a beaked mouth.’
    • ‘This critically acclaimed slice of beaked life chronicles the fall and rise of Mark Bittner, a homeless San Franciscan who wrote a bestseller about the flock of talking birds that changed his life.’
    • ‘Watching thousands of these beaked, black-and-white sea birds as they convoy together and travel across blinding white landscapes might come across as a boring, repetitive sight.’
    • ‘A dark shadow was cast in front of them in the shape of a large, beaked, winged animal.’