Definition of beachy in US English:



  • Relating to, suggestive of, or appropriate for a beach or a vacation spent at the beach.

    ‘an extensive beachy area on the east side of town’
    ‘a beachy dress and handbag’
    ‘she's gone blonde, with tousled, beachy waves’
    • ‘The bare stage and black backdrop are occasionally relieved by smoky atmospherics that evoke perhaps a run-down dance hall in a beachy part of town.’
    • ‘This method of wearing it instantly transforms the formal blouse to something very casual and in this case, beachy.’
    • ‘Gold Coast, Australia is a real beachy area.’
    • ‘I don't know why exactly, it was just tough to make this beachy, happy, soulful and hopeful music, like Brian Wilson or something but out of samples.’
    • ‘The whole family is blonde and very beachy.’
    • ‘Court combines the best of nature with a wonderful imagination; the effect is both beachy and sophisticated.’
    • ‘But a look at a map of protected areas reveals that the land set aside - about 24 percent of the entire country - is primarily high mountain cloud forest and secondarily the beachy Pacific coast.’
    • ‘The mum has an egg, passes it over to dad, who stands in a huddle with the other dads for two months (no Pizza Express, remember), while the mums go back to the beach and eat beachy things and get fat.’
    • ‘Sihanoukville's white sand beaches and warm Gulf of Thailand waters combine with a laid back, beachy atmosphere to provide a great little tropical getaway.’
    • ‘Could you not get a cheap flight to somewhere beachy, take off your shoes, find a wooden cabin and a man to cook you curry, for a fraction of the cost?’
    • ‘Generally, if you are looking for a beachy cruise, Tahiti is not the place.’
    • ‘Orient's pools are built right on the rocks at the edge of the ocean which means you can have that beachy feel without having to get too much sand between your toes.’
    • ‘It quickly transpired when we drove past our fourth bar as we drove out of the PORT that Ko Phangan might have once been a beachy paradise, but now, the whole island centres around this monthly event.’
    • ‘What used to be a casual surfer-dude lair, aptly named "Le Shack," is now an airy, welcoming home that deftly juxtaposes beachy fun with city sophistication.’
    • ‘Peel the tank off if it's steamy; put it back on when a beachy breeze blows in.’
    • ‘In the 20-odd years since the founder's pet first appeared on islanders' T-shirts, the Black Dog has become synonymous with a certain beachy New England affluence.’
    • ‘Get that beachy glow without frying your face.’
    • ‘This pieced-out, beachy look works best on girls with thicker hair that has some wave to it.’