Definition of beachhead in US English:



  • A defended position on a beach taken from the enemy by landing forces, from which an attack can be launched.

    • ‘The Allies consolidated their beachhead positions and prepared to move inland.’
    • ‘Making its way forward under heavy fire, the regiment secured the beachhead and dug in.’
    • ‘First there was the need to keep supplied the troops who carried out the initial landings and established the beachhead.’
    • ‘A typical example of dropping or landing troops next to the target involves the seizing of a beachhead for subsequent amphibious landing.’
    • ‘By mid-September 1944, First and Third Armies were experiencing critical fuel problems, not because of a lack of fuel at the ports and beachheads but because of a shortage of transportation to move the fuel.’
    • ‘On the eastern flank of the Sword beachhead, Lieutenant Colonel Otway's paratroopers are dug in outside Amfreville which is heavily defended.’
    • ‘By the end of the day, some 100,000 soldiers and officers of the Allied armies concentrated on the beaches of Normandy and proceeded to widen the beachhead.’
    • ‘The aim of the operation remained the same: it was supposed to interdict the arrival of enemy reserves at the Bukrin beachhead.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, within forty-eight hours of the first landings, all the beachheads were secured.’
    • ‘Your team is given an objective like capturing important secret papers, capturing an occupied beachhead, or holding off the enemy from a strategic position.’
    • ‘Troops were then committed piecemeal to the Gallipoli peninsula, had suffered heavy losses in landing, and could then only cling on to narrow beachheads overlooked by strong Turkish defences.’
    • ‘It glides to a momentary stop over the edge of the enemy beachhead, then strafes its way across, shooting dangerously close to our own troops.’
    • ‘The division performed commendably throughout the campaign and was notably brilliant in the initial landings and defense of the beachhead.’
    • ‘Every artillery weapon on the beachhead fired thousands of rounds upon the enemy as fast as the gunners could load and shoot.’
    • ‘The photographers were on the beachhead long before the Marines.’
    • ‘The unit specialized in conducting assaults against heavily defended coastal beachheads or reaching targets that were only accessible through difficult and rugged terrain.’
    • ‘The beachhead stretched two thousand yards from Klandasan to Stalkudo, divided into sections designated Red, Yellow and Green beaches.’
    • ‘Heads of state, royalty and onlookers will join thousands of veterans from the UK, America and across the Commonwealth at the Normandy beachheads where thousands of troops landed to begin the invasion of Europe.’
    • ‘Sea King helicopters thundered overhead as the troops poured from amphibious landing craft and secured the beachhead on Aberdeen peninsula, three kilometers west of the capital.’
    • ‘The Turks’ developing ability to bring heavy weaponry against the Gallipoli beachheads was a critical factor forcing the withdrawal.’


Second World War (originally US): formed on the pattern of bridgehead.