Definition of beachcomber in English:



  • 1A vagrant who makes a living by searching beaches for articles of value and selling them.

    • ‘There are no painted signs to repel native beachcombers and yet it seems the indigenous people know instinctively where to tread, where not to go.’
    • ‘The final part of the book concludes with life on shore, the coastguards, shipwrecks, beachcombers and history of the Ballinskelligs Cable Station.’
    • ‘Divers or beachcombers have until April 24 to hand in objects recovered from wrecks to the Maritime and Coastguard Agency without fear of prosecution.’
    • ‘As my week dragged on the end slowly floated into sight, like a passing ocean liner appearing to a shipwrecked beachcomber.’
    • ‘The beachcombers were able to gather and hide a rich harvest before the local magistrate learned of the Spanish wrecks and claimed the treasure in the Queen's name.’
    • ‘Lee Weinstein, a spokesman for Beaverton, Ore.- based Nike, said beachcombers who find shoes can mail them to Nike for recycling.’
    • ‘There was a blacksmith from New England, a former postmaster of Pago Pago who had been a veteran of the American Civil War, a murdered merchant marine, a woman who died en route to San Francisco, and various beachcombers and adventurers.’
    • ‘No vehicles on beaches means the area is protected from fishermen, beachcombers and hunter/gatherers alike.’
    • ‘The sun is a bright Caribbean yellow, made even richer by the tropical blue sky, and even though it's only mid-morning, barefooted beachcombers weave along the water's edge to keep the soles of their feet cool.’
    • ‘‘Silver,’ he repeated, ‘Silver which you and your band of beachcombers are going to steal.’’
    • ‘At windswept Banshee Bay, our campsite beneath the casuarina trees was made comfortable by some beachcomber's driftwood furniture.’
    • ‘A free-spirited beachcomber living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ringo White scours the shores of Lake Michigan for the materials needed to construct his sprawling, mixed-media installation.’
    • ‘That tends to dry out in the sun and sand, much like a beachcomber's skin.’
    • ‘But there are no sharks today, only bewildered beachcombers, who start to scatter as we approach our beach landing strip.’
    • ‘Maury's older brother, John, as it happened, had lived for almost two years as a beachcomber on Nukuhiva all the way back in 1812.’
    • ‘During the nineteenth century there was an influx of European beachcombers, traders, planters, and missionaries.’
    • ‘We climbed down on to the sand and strolled along the ivory shore; fellow beachcombers nodded to us as if we were all part of some clandestine club.’
    • ‘The only people you see are beachcombers and dog-walkers in their flapping macs’
    • ‘Could you be footing the bill for all those beachcombers?’
    • ‘The cramped units with rollout beds and sleep-in porches had served as crash pads for generations of beachcombers and laborers looking for a cheap place to lay their heads.’
    scavenger, scrounger, forager, gatherer, collector, accumulator
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  • 2A long wave rolling in from the sea; a comber.

  • 3A person who searches beaches for useful or interesting items.

    • ‘Bears eat family pets in their own yards, and the quicksand mud flats on Anchorage's outskirts have claimed more than one beachcomber.’
    • ‘Here are some of the lovely sea-side Helensburgh finds that were gently but quickly removed from the chubby hands of a two-year-old beachcomber before he and his siblings were hurriedly returned to Glasgow.’
    • ‘He is also the man Puget Sound beachcombers call when they want to identify something bizarre they've spotted on the beach.’
    • ‘The casual beachcomber who happened to amble by as I was tying knots would have no doubt observed the similarity between my dexterity and that of a grizzly bear harvesting salmon out of an Alaskan river.’
    • ‘The more intrepid beachcomber may find brittle stars, sea cucumbers, or sea urchins.’
    • ‘A Winner by the Sea: on the Southern California coast, Del Mar is a haven for beachcombers, gardeners - and fans of fast, fast horses’
    • ‘Most importantly, its ultra-cool look will attract the attention of fellow beachcombers.’
    • ‘So besides sating the curiosity of ardent beachcombers, books such as Coan's provide a comprehensive review that scientists can use to study environmental change over time.’
    • ‘Pacific sands, 90 minutes to the west, draw beachcombers and whale watchers; Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge, just an hour to the east, lure anyone who hikes, bikes, paddles, windsurfs, or skis.’
    • ‘On the Parrsboro shore, the site of the biggest fossil find in North America, beachcombers gather semi-precious agates and sparkling amethysts at low tide.’
    • ‘Wandering across these wide, endless stretches of sand, a beachcomber will find hundreds of logs, scoured by the waves, stacked and bleached by the sun.’
    • ‘The combination of unspoiled beaches, crashing waves and drift logs makes this dramatic coastline a beachcomber's paradise.’
    • ‘Down on the sand, beachcombers pick their way through the crowds, doing an odd, side-to-side dance with metal detectors.’
    • ‘Mrs. Wilhelm, an avid horsewoman and beachcomber, had the foyer decorated with an elaborate trompe l' oeil of the beach.’
    • ‘The true limpets are a familiar site to beachcombers and visitors to the seashore, clinging tenaciously to rocks in the intertidal zone in countless numbers, or in shallow rock pools.’
    • ‘Progress is seen in the water - usually by nameless surfers, sometimes by buddies, perhaps by a passing seal or beachcomber.’
    • ‘A beachcomber in the middle of the metropolis, Hebden is always on the hunt for new and interesting sounds.’
    • ‘Indeed, the back cover of the pocket-sized book has already found a place on the wall of this longtime beachcomber's office.’
    • ‘Catsharks begin life inside spindle-shaped egg cases known to beachcombers as ‘mermaids' purses.’’
    • ‘On another note, West Coast boaters and beachcombers alike are encouraged to pick up any Nike running shoes they might encounter along the shore.’
    • ‘The weather was still too cool for many beachcombers yet warm enough for me to enjoy a walk along the rocky beach in deep meditation.’