Definition of beach hut in US English:

beach hut


  • A simple one-roomed structure on or next to a beach, used for privacy or shelter while visiting the beach during the day.

    ‘along Southwold's beachfront are the famous brightly colored beach huts’
    • ‘After we'd been to Sutton Hoo today, we popped up to Southwold to practise being old and retired (but, twenty grand for a beach hut?).’
    • ‘The artist's work focuses on the seafront and includes the groynes, gulls, yachts, beach huts and other items that form estuary scenery.’
    • ‘There is a very low annual turnover of beach huts with an average of only six huts changing hands each year.’
    • ‘The more discerning Dorset resident may wish to consider a 16 ft by 18 ft wooden beach hut on the county's coast.’
    • ‘A row of 60-or-so primary-coloured beach huts stretches beneath the eastern cliffs, not a single one of them occupied, most likely sealed by a weatherproof padlock until Easter comes round again.’
    • ‘The historic harbour town, which has a pretty front dotted with decorative ships and beach huts, is renowned for its oyster festival.’
    • ‘"It is recommended that the waiting list for beach huts at Hill Head be closed to new applicants until such time as it becomes more manageable and realistic."’
    • ‘Whitstable has more than 100 beach huts.’
    • ‘Beach hut owners in Frinton have had to cover the cost of a rise in vandalism over the past year.’
    • ‘But if you want to get your hands on one of these Hampshire beach huts you'd better be prepared for a long wait.’