Definition of beach grass in US English:

beach grass


  • Marram grass, or any related grass of the genus Ammophila.

    • ‘One of the Cape's most numerous and widespread songbirds, goldfinches delight in dining on dandelion seeds, thistles, and weed seeds found amongst the beach grass.’
    • ‘Complete them as they are or use your imagination to incorporate almost any collectable object - such as beach grass, stamps, seashells, buttons, or other small items you hold dear.’
    • ‘Most of the pale green grass seen throughout the dunes is European beach grass, introduced around 1910 in Coos Bay to stabilize dunes at the mouths of navigable rivers.’
    • ‘I hunker down in the beach grass with Joseph's crew, sitting on my heels.’
    • ‘I drive by this part of the island where dead cars marry beach grass and washtub handles wring rust.’
    • ‘Extremely narrow fairways and tiny greens mean the Scotch broom, beach grass and native rhododendron will snag anything off line.’
    • ‘The roots (actually stems) of the beach grass grow horizontally underground and spread, helping to prevent erosion.’
    • ‘In the late 1800s, gardeners at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park introduced European beach grass to the West Coast.’
    • ‘The difficulty of the work emphasizes the magnitude of the task these young environmentalists see before them: not just removing beach grass, but repairing all the damage people have done to the planet.’
    • ‘The vegetation varies, from beach grass and Virginia creeper stabilizing the dunes to eastern red cedar and even prickly pear.’