Definition of beach buggy in US English:

beach buggy


  • another term for dune buggy
    • ‘There has been a huge response to a recent article in this page highlighting the danger of quartz beach buggy racing which is taking place at Beale and Littor Strands at weekends.’
    • ‘Every Sunday the beach buggy riders come to the strand in cars and vans and spend the afternoon zooming up and down the shoreline between Beale and Littor Strands when the tide is out.’
    • ‘In July, Frank was hit fatally by a beach buggy at night on Fire Island.’
    • ‘To operate a beach buggy you will need to purchase a yearly permit or a three-day pass.’
    • ‘Along the coastal road that runs south from Rio de Janeiro to the port of Santos, there are hundreds of luxury holiday homes, equipped with state-of-the-art yachts, ski-jets and beach buggies.’


beach buggy

/bēCH ˈbəɡē//bitʃ ˈbəɡi/