Definition of beach ball in US English:

beach ball


  • A large inflatable ball used for playing games on the beach.

    • ‘She blew a gigantic bubble the size of a beach ball.’
    • ‘With Mike Stanton pitching, a strike was called, but third base umpire Lance Diaz had called ‘time’ just before the pitch because a beach ball rolled onto the field.’
    • ‘In Einstein's new theory, spacetime can have curvature, like the surface of a beach ball has curvature, compared to the flat top of a table, which doesn't.’
    • ‘But just before the pitch, first base ump Larry Young called ‘time’ because a beach ball had rolled onto the field near the backstop behind the catcher.’
    • ‘In the pond where Otis, a Brazilian otter, once thrilled visitors with his spectacular antics, his orange beach ball floated, waiting patiently for Otis to take it for a spin.’
    • ‘When I look up, the security guard is gone and one side of the mall has become a tropical beach, white sand, warm yellow sun, palm trees, a beach ball, and I walk towards it, wanting it, needing it.’
    • ‘During a party for the kids a year ago, everyone played softball, with a beach ball being used for the ball.’
    • ‘You can also write the details on an inflated beach ball and then deflate it to mail or give to the invitee.’
    • ‘It took all my concentration just to remain balanced on the higher air pocket, as if I were balancing a surfboard on a beach ball.’
    • ‘The cheers and screams of excitement lead the giant beach ball to be tossed into the water without a further second's thought.’
    • ‘The book itself is bright yellow and blue, and it has a lime green convertible and a bouncing beach ball on the cover.’
    • ‘Mathematicians express this by saying that the surface of a beach ball and that of the earth are topologically equivalent.’
    • ‘‘I want you to show Justin that he's not the toughest fireman on the block,’ she said with a playful challenge, rising to grab the beach ball floating by.’
    • ‘She resurfaced and Svetlana served the beach ball.’
    • ‘On the sand, Nat's got a beach ball out, and she keeps hitting it to Ev.’
    • ‘He turned away from her, and picked up the beach ball.’
    • ‘I also displayed a basketball, a beach ball and a baseball.’
    • ‘Adrianne muttered before tossing the beach ball at me.’
    • ‘As they were waiting for the event to begin, they noticed a big beach ball bouncing around the crowd, traveling up the stands and down, back, forth.’
    • ‘Sasha set up the lawn chair on the porch, put her lemonade on the table next to it, and lay down as Patrick and Annie Munoz played with a beach ball.’


beach ball

/ˈbitʃ ˈˌbɔl//ˈbēCH ˈˌbôl/