Definition of be two (or ten) a penny in US English:

be two (or ten) a penny


  • Be plentiful or easily obtained and consequently of little value.

    • ‘Museums of modern art are two a penny in contemporary-art land.’
    • ‘In capitalism's 700-year history, financial scandals are two a penny.’
    • ‘Because by the time I go on a honeymoon, space flights will be ten a penny.’
    • ‘Ghosts, goblins, fairies, sprites seem to be two a penny in Skye.’
    • ‘Albums of old classics by rising young singing stars are ten a penny - but this one is worth opening your purse for.’
    • ‘Novelty bands are ten a penny, as even the most cursory glance at the charts on either side of the Atlantic will show you.’
    • ‘If anything, I'm surprised at how much action they do show, but I guess that's because all these swinging shots are ten a penny now, and I have a feeling there's more good stuff in store.’
    • ‘His superiors, knowing that boys his age were two a penny, did not even bother to follow him.’
    • ‘Opinions are ten a penny, everybody has their favourite reasons which are far short of the truth.’
    • ‘In Europe, cable-cars are almost two a penny, but they are extremely rare in the USA.’
    numerous, abundant, thick on the ground, profuse, plentiful, prolific, copious, legion, innumerable, countless, infinite, numberless
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