Definition of be toast in US English:

be toast


  • Be or be likely to become finished, defunct, or dead.

    ‘one mistake and you're toast’
    • ‘But whether one uses Elliott Waves, put-call ratios, volatility indicators, price-earnings ratios or Fibonacci timeframes, this rally is toast.’
    • ‘We first heard about this illegal immigrant, and of course, within a few days, she was toast, if you will, as far as becoming a member of the Bush Cabinet.’
    • ‘The moment a mass retailer loses that delicate balance of giving people what they want and steering them to new ideas, and decides its role is to make trends first and foremost, the company is toast.’
    • ‘Having predicted several months ago that Kerry was toast, I should probably avoid any more prognostication.’
    • ‘And I'm certainly not going to say the guy is toast.’
    • ‘Well, I'm not so good at predictions - I thought Bush was toast three months ago.’
    • ‘If he swings and misses, the mystique is gone and his career is toast.’
    • ‘So in two or three months, most of these candidates are going to be toast.’
    • ‘This hasn't happened yet, but the kid is toast when it does.’
    • ‘If the Dems roll over on this one, the Constitution is toast.’