Definition of be tickled pink (or to death) in US English:

be tickled pink (or to death)


  • Be extremely amused or pleased.

    • ‘The few articles I saw, in my comings and goings, were so good that I was tickled pink to have had them under my name.’
    • ‘Jenna was tickled pink that Amanda would take the time to make her look good in front of her neighbours.’
    • ‘I know he would have been tickled pink, a little embarrassed and mightily amused.’
    • ‘Melanie was tickled pink when she saw his picture.’
    • ‘I'd be tickled pink to run it.’
    • ‘Almost every vendor I talked to was tickled pink with the sales they garnered.’
    • ‘I was tickled pink by your article and could not agree with you more!’
    • ‘Nurses from the new breast unit at Airedale Hospital were tickled pink by a supermarket's fundraising effort.’
    • ‘Cheery ladies from Bolton were tickled pink when they learned that laughing can make people slim.’
    • ‘‘I was tickled to death to pick up the paper and read the letters to the editor,’ he said.’