Definition of be thin-skinned (or thick-skinned) in US English:

be thin-skinned (or thick-skinned)


  • Be sensitive (or insensitive) to criticism or insults.

    • ‘Wolf, as an inspector you cannot be thin-skinned.’
    • ‘He could be a bully, but was thin-skinned too.’
    • ‘‘One thing you can't be if you live in Smith Center is thin-skinned,’ Ivan writes.’
    • ‘He admits that he is thin-skinned, and that unkind words about his art hurt him.’
    • ‘They do not like extreme environments and are likely to be thin-skinned.’
    • ‘One has to be thin-skinned to be a writer and thick-skinned to deal with the consequences.’
    • ‘To understand why Harris is thin-skinned, you must go back to Memphis.’
    • ‘The Vermont governor, not ready for prime time, cooperated by being thin-skinned, surly and combative.’
    • ‘The Bellow who emerges in it is thin-skinned, promiscuous, increasingly sententious, and at times almost unbearably vulnerable.’
    • ‘Armor is thin-skinned, providing only a minimum of protection for the four-man crew.’