Definition of be the pits in US English:

be the pits


  • Be extremely bad or the worst of its kind.

    • ‘The training was held in Pyrmont, meaning that parking was the pits.’
    • ‘As boring as daytime stakeout seemed, nighttime surveillance was the pits.’
    • ‘Then having to ask him for a ride home is the pits, man.’
    • ‘Mr Beeston said the prices of broccoli and cauliflower were the pits.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The thought that I set up and put someone in prison, whether a friend or not, is the pits.’’
    • ‘How could the rest of the world be so happy when my life was the pits?’
    • ‘The reader pointed out that the city is the pits - dirty, lots of poverty, lots of unrest, no shops no industry, absolutely nothing for anyone.’
    • ‘Working as a kitchen maid is the pits.’
    • ‘Not many people would have the nerve to tell their new boss that they thought the company's headquarters was the pits.’
    • ‘This is hard work and it's frustrating, because losing is the pits.’
    the worst, the lowest of the low
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