Definition of be sitting pretty in US English:

be sitting pretty


  • Be in an advantageous position or situation.

    ‘if she could get sponsors, she would be sitting pretty’
    • ‘And when The New Yorker finally went into the black a few years ago, they were sitting pretty as well.’
    • ‘People sitting on their family homes will be sitting pretty, enjoying continued capital growth, but for developers, the story might be more grim.’
    • ‘If we'd drawn three aces and two kings, we'd be sitting pretty.’
    • ‘On the surface it may look like the Federal government is sitting pretty.’
    • ‘Hopefully by the time we start the run-in (six games in April!) we'll still be sitting pretty in 17th spot with all to play for.’
    • ‘Though we had won the case, the present government is sitting pretty on the issue.’
    • ‘Before he started asking questions, the government was sitting pretty.’
    • ‘If Grenada is in camp for two to three months and we can't even rally up one practice match who do you think is going to be sitting pretty at the end of the qualifying tournament?’
    • ‘In five or six years time we will be sitting pretty, believe me.’
    • ‘And, if I ever tire of my collecting, I'll be sitting pretty.’