Definition of be one's own boss in US English:

be one's own boss


  • Be self-employed.

    • ‘You might have daydreamed for years about being your own boss, running your own business, having visions of chucking in the nine-to-five routine and doing your own thing.’
    • ‘After his zillionaire left Montreal for the greener pastures of Toronto, Joey, who as a child dreamed of becoming a policeman, opted to start his own limo business and has been his own boss ever since.’
    • ‘Touring as a solo artist, however, is a different matter as Haris is her own boss.’
    • ‘Wonder Woman, on the other hand, was her own boss.’
    • ‘Other bonuses included not being ‘chained’ to a desk, being your own boss and having a good social life at work.’
    • ‘The rewards are very much about being able to work for yourself; about being your own boss.’
    • ‘I was my own boss by 21, trading professionally in the retail game.’
    • ‘Have you ever thought about being your own boss?’
    • ‘So what could be better than being one's own boss and running a business from home?’
    • ‘‘I was my own boss, I had a company van and my mates would drop in and we could listen to the rock music all day long,’ says Baldock.’
    • ‘He'll tell me that I am wasting my life in the corporate world and that I can only realise my true potential by being my own boss.’
    • ‘I've had the autonomy that comes with being my own boss and the greater remuneration that comes from working in the States.’
    • ‘One objective is to double the number of young people aspiring to be their own boss, which stands at about 15%, according to Enterprise Insight research.’
    • ‘I suppose that's why I've almost always been my own boss since then.’
    • ‘‘The 18-month long project has been a great success in portraying how rewarding and challenging being your own boss can be,’ he said.’
    • ‘Or if you'd prefer to be your own boss, all you need to do is get a few bucks and a taste for ice cream.’
    • ‘But I think the great thing about this play, and the novel, is that Steinbeck's principles attract everyone: having your own place; being your own boss; not having to answer to anyone.’
    • ‘‘It's lovely being my own boss, but it's nice to be able to shut the door at the end of the day,’ she admits.’
    • ‘Other positive aspects included working in open air, being your own boss and personal reward.’
    • ‘But they do take a lot of satisfaction from being their own boss, and for the foreseeable future the vast majority expect to stay in farming.’