Definition of be none of one's business in US English:

be none of one's business


  • Not be of direct relevance or concern to one.

    ‘their finances are none of your business’
    ‘what goes on between Gabriel and me is none of your business’
    • ‘He screamed at me that it was none of my business how he spent his money.’
    • ‘The principle was essentially that if other people were different, then this was none of your business so long as they kept their nose out of yours.’
    • ‘I can take care of myself, thank you very much, and technically this is none of your business.’
    • ‘Tell your housekeeper that my behaviour is none of her business.’
    • ‘My own belief is that the board's first response should have been that the whole matter was none of its business.’
    • ‘I admit the whole situation is interesting, but it is really none of our business.’
    • ‘He had chosen to speak about something that is none of his business.’
    • ‘People's sexual orientation is none of our business.’
    • ‘His personal life is none of my business, nor am I interested in it.’
    • ‘What I do is none of your business.’
    • ‘"My real name is none of your damned business," she said.’