Definition of be lost to in US English:

be lost to


  • Be no longer affected by or accessible to.

    ‘once a vital member of the community, he is now lost to the world’
    • ‘So absorbed is he in the craft of the art in the making, as in the glimpsed unusual vision, that he is lost to the world.’
    • ‘He is lost to the world. Do you ever feel that way? Lost or confused?’
    • ‘The age and meaning of the name is lost to history.’
    • ‘The majority of New Zealanders do not speak Maori so the absence of any interpreter meant that the message was lost to so many listeners.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the story of his lying seems to have been lost to all except for the right wing of the blogosphere.’
    • ‘His look softened when he realized that I was lost to what he was saying.’
    • ‘When someone is deep in thought, or when he is daydreaming or sleeping, he is lost to the world, and oblivious to time.’
    • ‘The places to stay on Cat Island can be counted on one hand, and there is a natural West Indian charm that is lost to most Caribbean islands nowadays.’