Definition of be hell on in US English:

be hell on


  • Be very unpleasant or harmful to.

    ‘summer can be hell on a man's skin’
    • ‘I cringed, this all must have been hell on his burnt hand.’
    • ‘Only problem is, driving around with 2,000 pounds of papers in my back seat is hell on my car.’
    • ‘The impact was hell on his new bullet wounds and he found that he was bleeding quite profusely.’
    • ‘It would be hell on business, though, so we skip it.’
    • ‘Going back to Standard Time is hell on us nightowls.’
    • ‘Then we told him that almost flying into mountains is hell on the nervous system, not fun.’
    • ‘Hey, from the looks of it, it's been hell on you, too.’
    • ‘Going through old blog stuff is hell on the brain.’
    • ‘Health foods need not be hell on your tastebuds.’
    • ‘This was hell on horse's hooves, considering the hot pavement they had to walk on for much of the way.’
    • ‘Staying at all those run-down places has been hell on my back.’
    • ‘But the after effects were hell on her mind and body.’
    • ‘We're in one of those no-fun-news cycles, which is hell on a guy who likes a happy cocktail with his evening reading.’
    • ‘War is hell on a president and his approval ratings.’
    • ‘Have I ever mentioned this knight-in-shining-armor thing is hell on the muscles?’