Definition of be along in US English:

be along


  • Arrive.

    ‘she'll be along soon’
    • ‘I tell him not to worry - feeding time will be along soon.’
    • ‘Another reconfiguration will be along soon, and perhaps then it will be possible to emphasise some of the emerging innovations and rely less on the hackneyed old solutions.’
    • ‘But the best thing about the band is that if you don't like their present incarnation another will be along any minute.’
    • ‘As per my request, Matt also gave Eddie a call to inform him of my state and Eddie said he'd be along as soon as he could.’
    • ‘Oh, they are sure to be along one day soon - aren't they?’
    • ‘She paused near the ticket booth, hoping the next ferry would be along soon.’
    • ‘He'd be along soon and I knew he'd love to see them up close.’
    • ‘Chaps, this is about half the group, the rest'll be along soon.’
    • ‘Another health scare will doubtless be along soon.’
    • ‘My Mum and brothers would be along soon enough, and they would likely do much more speaking than I had.’
    arrive, reach, come, make it, turn up, appear, put in an appearance, make an appearance, come on the scene, come up, approach, enter, present oneself, be along, come along, materialize
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