Definition of be all very well in US English:

be all very well


  • Used to express criticism or rejection of a favorable or consoling remark.

    ‘your proposal is all very well in theory, but in practice it will not pay’
    • ‘It is all very well to say it is great to be competing with sides like Legion but this has to be looked on as a game thrown away.’
    • ‘That's all very well, of course, but little consolation when the wins stop coming.’
    • ‘Restoration of Victorian values is all very well, but it does not strike me as particularly practical.’
    • ‘Expressing regret is all very well, but restitution of those rights is also required.’
    • ‘It is all very well to criticise that action, but we need to come up with a solution by way of an alternative.’
    • ‘It's all very well to set up a waste recycling scheme, but surely, it's better not to create it in the first place.’
    • ‘I mean, this is all very well as a hobby, but will blogging put food on the table?’
    • ‘Mere managerial ability was all very well, he continued, but it wasn't enough.’
    • ‘Pragmatism is all very well, but there are blunter ways to describe the new state of mind.’
    • ‘This is all very well, but it is quite a leap to say that it is morally wrong to pay people to do unfulfilling work.’