Definition of be (or make) friends with in US English:

be (or make) friends with


  • Be (or become) on good or affectionate terms with (someone).

    • ‘What kind of women did she make friends with, and what kind of men did she date?’
    • ‘She's very happy, and has made friends with practically everyone in the congregation.’
    • ‘Did you ever have a friend at school who you though you'd be friends with for ever?’
    • ‘Right away you notice she's the type of girl everyone wants to be friends with.’
    • ‘I quickly made friends with nearly everyone there.’
    • ‘Josh was the cute, popular boy in class who got the good grades, and who every one wanted to be friends with.’
    • ‘Ms Laker said the police had been at the house asking about the people her eldest son, George, 13, was friends with.’
    • ‘Well I think you should believe your friend because you have been friends with her for a long time.’
    • ‘For some reason, it seems as though here you make friends with more people from around the world than from Canada alone.’
    • ‘My friend said he was friends with the owners and said it wouldn't be that much money.’
    make friends with, make a friend of, look after, protect, keep an eye on, support, back, stand by, side with, encourage, sustain, uphold, succour, advise, guide
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