Definition of be (like) putty in someone's hands in US English:

be (like) putty in someone's hands


  • Be easily manipulated or dominated by someone.

    • ‘No one could call it a fast-moving film, but I was putty in its hands.’
    • ‘One whiff of her ‘Midnight in Sorrento’ perfume and they were like putty in her hands.’
    • ‘But even formidable Marjory is putty in Rosemary 's hands.’
    • ‘He barely had to say a word and she was putty in his hands.’
    • ‘Even the most ardent broad bean hater would have been putty in my hands.’
    • ‘His son, Alexander III, was dull, fearful, and putty in the hands of the reactionaries.’
    • ‘I tell you, I would be putty in your hands if you were to be affectionate to me.’
    • ‘See the seamless transition from topic to topic, and the audience is soft putty in your hands.’
    • ‘Naive, idealistic and terminally gullible, Hawke is putty in his hands.’
    • ‘Within moments, another blast of calming washes over me, totally reducing me to putty in her hands.’