Definition of be/get carried away in US English:

be/get carried away

phrasal verb

  • Lose self-control.

    ‘I got a bit carried away when describing the final game’
    • ‘So we were given two characters, an opening line, a setting and scenario and told to write. I intended to write a very short story but, as usual, got carried away with myself.’
    • ‘He had got carried away while attempting to salvage his business and his marriage.’
    • ‘Look, I know I'm getting carried away, but it does the soul good to get carried away occasionally.’
    • ‘The coach believes his team were carried away with the atmosphere.’
    • ‘It looks like during the shortage every one was carried away and no one noticed that the vendors were breaking by-laws.’
    • ‘Anyway, prices were marked down to fifty, even seventy percent, and I got carried away and bought stuff, too.’
    • ‘The audience heaved a big sigh of relief as the play finally ended with the anticipated melodramatic scene, worsened by actors who got carried away by their own histrionics.’
    • ‘In the rush to buy a property, it's easy to get carried away with a rising market and lose sight of financial reality.’
    • ‘It was the beginning of a long decline. He either didn't realise his own limitations or was carried away by success.’
    • ‘He told the audience he went to a party and got carried away.’
    lose self-control, get excited, get overexcited, go too far, lose one's sense of proportion, be swept off one's feet
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