Definition of bazooka in US English:



  • 1A short-range tubular rocket launcher used against tanks.

    • ‘Billed as the biggest in Canada, Bigfoot offers not just normal paintball guns but also grenades and bazookas.’
    • ‘At some stage you had poaching even by the military - we have records of animals being slaughtered from helicopters, with bazookas and tanks.’
    • ‘Glass boxes were stacked upon each other, each containing one type of rifle or explosive device, from the silent gun to the bazooka, time bombs to grenades.’
    • ‘The tank was nearly on top of them when the bazooka was finally fired.’
    • ‘He made it sound like something from World War II, complete with tanks, bazookas, and troops.’
    • ‘They bristled with unfamiliar weapons like bazookas and didn't even look like American soldiers.’
    • ‘Machine guns, flamethrowers, grenades, bazooka and sniper rifles have been conveniently left lying around for your use.’
    • ‘Troops deploying for the North Africa Campaign were issued antitank rockets, known as bazookas, with no previous instruction as to their technical or tactical employment.’
    • ‘There were men all over the place, carrying every kind of rocket launcher, grenade launcher, bazooka, or projectile weapon they had.’
    • ‘Several of the Guardians had range weapons like bazookas or flame-throwers.’
    • ‘Even some of the armored vehicles had been knocked out with salvaged grenades and commandeered bazookas and anti-tank weapons.’
    • ‘It carried two large containers; one empty, the other stuffed with rocket-propelled grenades, bazookas and thousands of rounds of ammunition.’
    • ‘This also made effective such rocket weapons as the bazooka and panzerfaust but it was also used to increase the potency of plastic explosives, and even semi-armour-piercing bombs.’
    • ‘For distance lovers, a wanzer can be equipped with rocket launchers or bazookas to finish off opponents from a distance.’
    • ‘In total, there are eight heavy guns like the bazooka and assault rifle, two pistols and five miscellaneous weapons such as the harpoon and crossbow.’
    • ‘Of course, this budget does not include ammunition for heavy-duty guns such as armored vehicles, tanks, bazookas, bombs, grenades and fire bullets that can annihilate entire villages.’
    • ‘Marines searched the compound to find several rooms piled high with deadly mortars, anti-tank guns, bazookas, rockets and tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.’
    • ‘We got basic training with rifles, pistols, bazookas, machine guns, hand grenades and hand-to-hand combat.’
    • ‘When the professional robbers among them raid a bank or an armored car delivering cash, they do so with bazookas and rocket launchers, and dress in paramilitary uniforms.’
    • ‘There are machine-guns, a hand grenade and a bazooka.’
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  • 2A kazoo shaped like a trumpet.

    • ‘Among the heavy drums he sat and played the bazooka, played the sweet bazooka.’
    • ‘Norville State School student Lauren Thrupp waits for her cue to play the bazooka during the combined schools performance in the CBD on Thursday.’
    • ‘James played the bazooka.’
    • ‘They make a bon fire for cooking and for light, and they eat, drink, play the bazooka, and dance under the brilliant, white moon.’


1930s (in bazooka (sense 2); originally US): apparently from US slang bazoo in the original sense ‘kazoo’.