Definition of bawdry in US English:



  • Obscenity in speech or writing.

    ‘a tale of unedifying bawdry’
    • ‘Out of the strange melange of bawdry and bloodshed would emerge the origins of his irrepressible folk humour.’
    • ‘This poetic output, at a time when post-Chaucerian England was fallow, was a combination of classic grace, religious fervour, eroticism, and bawdry which was almost hypnotic.’
    • ‘Can an author with reason complain that he is cramped and shackled if he is not at liberty to publish blasphemy, bawdry, or sedition?’
    indecency, immorality, impropriety, salaciousness, smuttiness, smut, lewdness, rudeness, vulgarity, dirtiness, dirt, filthiness, filth, foulness, coarseness, crudeness, grossness, vileness, nastiness, impurity, immodesty, indelicacy, indecorousness, unwholesomeness, scabrousness, ribaldry, bawdiness, suggestiveness, eroticism, carnality, lasciviousness, lechery, licentiousness, libidinousness, degeneracy, depravity, amorality, debauchery, dissoluteness, prurience
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