Definition of bauxitic in US English:



  • See bauxite

    • ‘This surface and the overlying bauxitic claystones are broadly distributed across most of central Guangxi, including the Heshan coalfield.’
    • ‘Sequence III extends from the base of Seam 4A to the base of the bauxitic claystone beneath Seam 2.’
    • ‘Seam 4A has a much higher content of alumina than the other seams, which may suggest that the detrital input into this coal mire contained a greater proportion of bauxitic weathering products than the other coals.’
    • ‘Sequence IV includes strata from the base of the bauxitic claystone below Seam 2 of the Heshan Formation to the top of the Dalong Formation.’
    • ‘The coastal lagoonal deposits are represented by bauxitic claystones resting on the undulating top of thick-bedded limestones.’