Definition of battle jacket in US English:

battle jacket


  • A style of waist-length jacket worn by army personnel.

    • ‘Hemingway, then 44, barrel-chested and full-bearded, was accredited as a Collier's correspondent but irreverently sported a British battle jacket instead of the ‘Eisenhower jacket’ that most of us correspondents wore.’
    • ‘General Hall also proposed a duty uniform with a short battle jacket and a dress outfit with a single- or double-breasted blouse.’
    • ‘The supply room collected blouses from the enlisted men and issued to them the new battle jackets.’
    • ‘Camouflage nets and lilac bushes, for example, may frustrate prying eyes, but provide no better shields than buttons on battle jackets.’
    • ‘British bright royal scarlet was selected for the traditional battle jacket.’
    • ‘I was able to find my British issue battle jacket that I used to cover my feet at night for warmth.’
    • ‘Offstage, we were limited to wearing officer's uniforms comprised of battle jackets, skirts and caps.’
    • ‘It turns out many of them were going into London and having outfits similar to the R.A.F. battle jacket made up, a dark blue pants and jacket.’
    • ‘The backs of many of these battle jackets that saw action over the skies of the European and Pacific theaters of the war were adorned with hand-painted emblems, maps, names and the occasional pinup queen.’
    • ‘In 1978 the color guard wore red battle jackets with the McLeod kilt.’
    • ‘Both troopers are wearing customized 1943 battle jackets and pants with reinforced cargo pockets.’
    • ‘The Eisenhower jacket and the British battle jacket probably had a major impact on this fashion change.’
    • ‘New green battle jackets were worn while Buchanan tartan remained the tartan of choice.’
    • ‘In 1962, the Corps purchased new ‘battle jacket’ uniforms of maroon and white with gold highlights, with maroon pants with a white stripe.’
    • ‘The above photo is a unique casual portrait of him wearing a battle jacket that has the 85th ‘CD’ patch.’