Definition of batting in English:



  • Cotton wadding prepared in sheets for use in quilts.

    • ‘You can make them out of many different things, such as old doors, windows or just plywood panels upholstered with batting and fabric.’
    • ‘These washable, cuddly teddy bears, are stuffed with chopped clean fabric or batting and then placed in washable bags.’
    • ‘Trim excess material and batting with a sharp utility knife.’
    • ‘A middle insulating layer of batting and two layers of pieced, appliqued, or whole cloth form the completed quilt.’
    • ‘Cut a second towel to fit your chair seat, stuff with a layer of quilt batting, and sew closed; add ribbon ties to back corners.’
    • ‘Stuff the legs with batting and stitch the ends together to form a stalk long enough to wrap around the child.’
    • ‘The coverlet sandwiches batting between the plain tablecloth and red-and-white-striped cotton fabric.’
    • ‘Cut several additional pieces of batting in graduated sizes, each slightly smaller than the previous.’
    • ‘This cover protects the batting and decorative fabric because, over time, uncovered foam can create friction holes in these materials.’
    • ‘Here, we padded a wall with batting and fabric, then secured crisscrossing ribbons with fabric tacks.’
    • ‘The inner batting was purchased… as was the material for the back sheet.’
    • ‘Layer the cover fabrics loosely with the batting in the middle and the lining on the opposite side of the burlap.’
    • ‘For raised daisy centers, slip a small piece of batting or fleece under the center before stitching the layers together around the circle perimeter.’