Definition of battement in English:



  • with modifier A movement in which one leg is moved outward from the body and in again.

    ‘performing battements tendus’
    • ‘‘Yvonne is very strong in teaching you the way you stand, the way you do grand battements,’ she said.’
    • ‘Students might show four or five quick exercises: plie tendu, fond de jambe, adagio, and grande battement.’
    • ‘The women's legs go up into big battements, and come down just as straight and deliberately.’
    • ‘For example, we traditionally do battements en croix: front, side, back, and side.’
    • ‘Balanchine used them all and routinely transformed the ballet battement into an acrobatic kick, allowing the hip to be lifted - another ballet ‘no-no.’’


French, literally ‘beating’.