Definition of bathroom in US English:



  • 1A room containing a toilet and sink and typically also a bathtub or shower.

    • ‘The first double bedroom has a timber floor and en suite bathroom with corner bath.’
    • ‘The journey from after dinner play up to the bathroom and into the bath is getting rough.’
    • ‘Bedrooms will be built in pairs with bathrooms between each room.’
    • ‘The house has two studies, a library, a 15 ft kitchen, dining room, family room, sitting room, drawing room and two bathrooms.’
    • ‘The main bathroom has a bath with separate shower cubicle and a polished wooden floor.’
    • ‘Wondering where Brett was but not overly worried about it, Sera went to draw a bath in the luxurious bathroom.’
    • ‘There will be eight single bedrooms, two bathrooms, storage rooms, offices, staff areas, a lounge, kitchen and dining room.’
    • ‘Before he came over, she went into her bathroom to find the toilet seat up and the roll of toilet paper left in a state.’
    • ‘The bathroom has a bath, a toilet and a hand basin and is plumbed for a washing machine.’
    • ‘The bathroom includes a bath with wood surround as well as a period-style hand basin.’
    • ‘At the rear are the marble bathrooms with their free-standing baths and the added bonus of underfloor heating.’
    • ‘Hence the state-of-the art bathrooms with rolltop baths, his and her washbasins and shower units with jet sprays.’
    • ‘A pine ceiling is a feature of the kitchen, while the family bathroom has a bath and shower.’
    • ‘Unusually for such a setting in South Africa, children are not only tolerated but actively welcomed, accommodated in loft-style rooms with their own bathrooms.’
    • ‘To the left is the family bathroom which has a bath, wash basin, toilet and tiled wall and floor.’
    • ‘One of the bathrooms has a bath with shower attachment and brass fittings, while the other has a step-in electric shower and airing cupboard.’
    • ‘Sitting in four acres of grounds, it includes three reception rooms, a billiard room, kitchen, five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a sauna room.’
    • ‘Art deco bathrooms with deep baths are also on the large side, with antique silver taps and luxury amenities.’
    • ‘All the bedrooms and studies and sitting rooms were of Chinese style while the dining rooms, lounges and bathrooms were Western.’
    • ‘The family bathroom has a bath with shower attachment as well as a number of fitted shelving units.’
    1. 1.1 A set of matching fixtures to be fitted in a bathroom, especially as sold together.
      • ‘The property had been refurbished, but was sold as a shell without kitchen, bathrooms or any decoration.’
      • ‘Prices include a snowmobile as standard, and buyers can opt for fitted kitchens, bathrooms and general furnishings at additional cost.’
      • ‘We've bought the kitchen, bathroom and most of the furniture already, and we'll be taking it all with us!’
      • ‘Each was provided with bathrooms / showers and kitchens and some of the units were extended to include living rooms and bedrooms.’
      • ‘These prices include fitted kitchens and bathrooms.’
    2. 1.2North American A public lavatory; a restroom.
      • ‘He made his way through all of them, the break room, the supply closet, even the bathrooms before he entered the large office at the front of the building.’
      • ‘Works appeared in a variety of places - in the stations' public areas, in bathrooms, and inside and outside one of the subway trains.’
      • ‘You may have noticed, lately, that public bathrooms are increasingly automated, thanks to infrared systems.’
      • ‘They also have generous bathroom facilities that they allow one to use in emergencies.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, the long awaited public bathrooms are yet to open.’
      • ‘There's some mathematical equation that architects must follow that ensures there are enough bathrooms in a public facility.’
      • ‘I had heard her get up to go to the bathroom so I was afraid she'd fallen or something.’
      • ‘Segregated public bathrooms threaten people's safety, job security and access to education.’
      • ‘Supervise them in places like malls, movie theaters, parks, public bathrooms, or while fundraising door to door.’
      • ‘I smiled at Jake and kissed him quickly before jumping out of the car and joining Aimee and the other girls who were heading towards the public bathrooms.’
      • ‘The school's bathroom facilities also received a new coat of paint at the same time.’
      • ‘The bathrooms all have little occupied signs on them, like airplanes, which is useful once you figure that out.’
      • ‘He went to the bathroom, leaving Faye standing with an odd feeling in her gut.’
      • ‘I grabbed a ratty towel from the outhouse bathroom and jogged away in the direction of the creek.’
      • ‘It contained a variety of rides for kids of all ages, with plenty for snack foods, drinks and conveniently located bathrooms.’
      • ‘Blair quietly gathered up the graded tests, placed them in a pile on the table, then went to the bathroom.’
      • ‘Jamie stood outside the door of one of the public bathrooms, his stomach in knots.’
      • ‘Glad that she made a good excuse, she walked off towards the ladies bathroom to regain her composure.’
      • ‘The bathroom was a chemical loo in a tiny separate tent or, Aaron bashfully suggested, the great outdoors.’
      • ‘I went to the bathroom once, then came back into my room and waited some more.’
      lavatory, wc, water closet, convenience, public convenience, facilities, urinal, privy, latrine, outhouse, earth closet, jakes
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  • go to (or use) the bathroom

    • Urinate or defecate.

      ‘I have to go to the bathroom’
      • ‘This gave me plenty of time to go to the bathroom and get a fresh drink before the encore.’
      • ‘I went to the bathroom and got a drink, but when I turned around, Nick was there and I ran into him.’
      • ‘She went to the bathroom, washed her face, did her hair, and brushed her teeth.’
      • ‘Needless to say, I had to get up to go to the bathroom about five times during the night.’
      • ‘She noticed that I was sleeping constantly, frequently going to the bathroom, and losing weight even though I was eating tons of food.’
      • ‘After I went to the bathroom, we headed down the stairs we could hear voices arguing in the kitchen.’
      • ‘I was drinking a lot of water and going to the bathroom all the time.’
      • ‘I have to be able to walk on my own, tolerate liquids and go to the bathroom before they release me.’
      • ‘Everything I do, from sneezing to going to the bathroom, is reported by the local media up here.’
      • ‘Even the mundane has a role here, like cleaning your house, going to the bathroom or acquiring furniture.’