Definition of bathing suit in US English:

bathing suit


North American
  • A garment worn for swimming; a swimsuit.

    • ‘Not long ago, we were shopping for bathing suits and tank tops for those beautiful, hot summer days.’
    • ‘Both Abby and Carolena had shorts and a shirt on over their bathing suits.’
    • ‘She had on shorts and a tank top over her bathing suit, and she smiled at him as he walked in.’
    • ‘She ended up buying two bathing suits, two tank tops and a skirt.’
    • ‘The streets are brimming with vendors selling everything from bananas to bathing suits.’
    • ‘Instead of high-tech bathing suits, she was surrounded by high-priced business suits.’
    • ‘Lily had wanted to buy a new bathing suit and a few more tank tops, but she found herself uninterested all of a sudden.’
    • ‘But as important as a sound back may be to us, summer is coming and we also want to look good in tank tops, bathing suits and strapless dresses.’
    • ‘The beach site was littered with bathing suits, sunglasses, and rain gear, as if the castaways had just come from the mall.’
    • ‘Remember, however, to match the color of your sandals to that of your bathing suit.’
    • ‘They are basically extensions of Speedo bathing suits with just a little more spandex.’
    • ‘Lauren and Jade went up to Lauren's bedroom, to change into their bikini bathing suits.’
    • ‘Nobody wants to wear wet bathing suits, or dirty bathing suits, so pack at least two.’
    • ‘I loved my bathing suit: a French cut bikini with a red and black checkerboard design.’
    • ‘Most of them were tourists with Hawaiian print shirts or just in bathing suits and loose shirts.’
    • ‘Shown here is the aqua tiny tank that is perfect over one of those hot new bathing suits.’
    • ‘She looked at both bathing suits, then at me, then at the bathing suits again.’
    • ‘Change out of wet clothes, bathing suits, or sweaty clothes as soon as possible.’
    • ‘I decided to put on a loose white blouse with a pair of white capris, under which I wore my bathing suit.’
    • ‘Along with pink, check out the amazing flower prints blooming on everything from dresses and shirts to bathing suits and coverups.’
    swimsuit, bathing dress, swimming trunks, trunks, swimwear, bikini
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bathing suit

/ˈbeɪðɪŋ ˌsut//ˈbāT͟HiNG ˌso͞ot/