Definition of batgirl in US English:



  • A girl who is employed to look after and retrieve bats during a baseball game and as a general assistant at other times.

    • ‘There was this long story about this young woman who discovered she had cancer but all she wanted to do was play softball.… and now she was in Sydney… as an honorary batgirl for a single game.’
    • ‘Even then, as the Lightning's batgirl, Gibson couldn't get enough softball.’
    • ‘A player will be chosen to be batgirl for each TC softball home game and have her name announced before the game.’
    • ‘I was the proud batgirl of the 1949 Orangeville semi-pro baseball team at the ripe old age of 14.’
    • ‘It turned out that 33,000 fans thought he was the Cubs' first batgirl, but - with the exception of one cruel future Cy Young winner - all the players told him stories in the dugout about when they had had long hair.’