Definition of batch file in US English:

batch file


  • A computer file containing a list of instructions to be carried out in turn.

    • ‘Users first discovered it last spring, and even patched together a crude batch file which killed and restarted the ink-continent digitizer process.’
    • ‘A techie friend of mine suggested that I write a simple batch file [program] so that my swap file is deleted every time I reboot the computer.’
    • ‘Another fix users have cobbled together is batch file which kills and restarts the tabtip.exe process.’
    • ‘To make things simple, I have created batch files for the last five steps to facilitate the execution of these commands.’
    • ‘If you want to make life really easy, just copy the following lines and paste them into a batch file, editing parameters as you see fit.’
    • ‘Allow your suppliers to download this information, using EDI, XML, batch files, or whatever, so your suppliers can have that information immediately.’
    • ‘Codling explains that prior to the changeover, the company had an antiquated Cobol-based mainframe with a batch file exchange architecture.’
    • ‘In other words, you push one button or double-click one batch file, the tests begin, and you can go get lunch.’
    • ‘You could probably get away with a batch file that prints ‘system test passed’ for all I know.’
    • ‘Likewise, we will see much less e-mail, nightly batch files, and weekly inventory updates, but more direct, synchronous communication between applications and between people.’
    • ‘Computer-based responses can include running applications, batch files or scripts or blocking ports.’
    • ‘To make life easier, a set of batch files (shell scripts) are provided so that you don't need to remember and type in all these parameters.’
    • ‘Regularly clean out your cookie and temp folders (I have a batch file that does this every time I boot).’
    • ‘I wrote a batch file to automate the process and shaved it down to 7 1/2 minutes.’
    • ‘Specifically, we are going to configure Samba to validate users and run our login batch file, provide file and print shares, and provide network-browsing services.’
    • ‘You should've run a batch file and let it run overnight.’
    • ‘I quickly ran the batch file so the screen was up.’
    • ‘If you need to update existing resources, or add new ones for several hundred files, you are more than likely going to want some way to implement this with a batch file.’
    • ‘Once that's done, right click the newly created batch file and choose edit.’
    • ‘I found that the start menu contained a batch file called runme.bat AND a shortcut that pointed to the runme.bat file.’


batch file

/ˈbaCH ˌfīl/