Definition of batboy in US English:



  • A boy who is employed to look after and retrieve bats during a baseball game and as a general assistant at other times.

    • ‘Despite his deep self-confidence, Malik's brothers were concerned the week that he was going to be batboy for the Chicago Cubs.’
    • ‘Because of Darren's innocent actions, major league baseball implemented an age requirement of 14 for batboys.’
    • ‘As a kid, I was a batboy for the local semipro ball team he played for in Dallas.’
    • ‘In 1987, Lance was a batboy and celebrated on the field with his dad, whose Twins had just won the World Series.’
    • ‘Jeremy Sumpter, who played the title role in last year's feature film ‘Peter Pan, ‘is the batboy, Pete Young.’’
    • ‘‘Yeah,’ Moe said, ‘I was his batboy in Atlanta, in the Southern Association.’’
    • ‘When Reyes strides to the plate, odds are the at-bat won't end with him handing his stick to the batboy and jogging to first base.’
    • ‘On June 2, 1973, I was the honorary batboy at a Pittsburgh Pirates game.’
    • ‘Sunday's pilot introduces a Staten Island teenager named Pete Young, who has just succeeded in getting a job as batboy for the New York Empires.’
    • ‘Marc Donato portrays a New York teenager who becomes a batboy for the Yankees.’
    • ‘Some guys open up so much, the batboy can tell when a breaking ball is coming.’
    • ‘I'm pretty sure the Cardinals even have better batboys.’
    • ‘Prilaman, who joined the Padres as a batboy in 1971, has been taking care of the team's gear for 20 years.’
    • ‘Gibson Jr. became interested in a career in professional baseball while serving as a batboy for one of his father's teams, the Pittsburgh Crawfords.’
    • ‘To me, there should be only one rule for prospective batboys: that they are old enough to know when to run and fetch the bat and when they might be in danger of being pancaked in a home plate collision.’
    • ‘A 16-year-old boy comes of age when he becomes a batboy for a fictional baseball team.’
    • ‘And I've heard how people say they thought he was the batboy.’
    • ‘He had been a batboy for the Birmingham Barons and played semi-pro ball in his youth.’
    • ‘The Astros and Cardinals know each other's lineups, relievers, managers and batboys.’
    • ‘We sold baseballs and made baseballs, and I was the batboy.’