Definition of batata in US English:



  • (in the southern West Indies) sweet potato.

    • ‘Those batata wadas and sandwiches made our mouths water, show after show.’
    • ‘A six-ounce bag of Terra Chips - taro, cassava, sweet potato, batata, and parsnip - cost this writer $4.79 at a New York-area supermarket - or about 8?’
    • ‘Confusingly, the Spanish for the sweet potato is batata and the Italian patata.’
    • ‘The kanda batata shaak (onion potato vegetable) was practically a daily feature and was occasionally replaced by reengan batata kanda shaak.’
    • ‘Magret duck breast came medium-rare and was dressed with a perfumed infusion of thyme, a delicate combination brought back to earth by a side of mashed batata, the white sweet potato of Patagonia.’


Via Spanish from Taino.