Definition of bastardization in US English:


(British bastardisation)


  • See bastardize

    • ‘Some people lament the fact that most cellphones have some Mozart tune as their ringer, calling it ‘a bastardization of classical music.’’
    • ‘And for those few people who actually did know anything about them, most considered their music to be amateurish, a joke - if not simply ridiculous, then a sick and offensive bastardization of ‘real’ music.’
    • ‘It is a crass, superficial bastardization that demonstrates quite clearly, in my opinion, that the people involved with its creation didn't even fully understand the source material they were adapting.’
    • ‘So I am meandering and it's peaceful and I am going over tomorrow night's trick in my head and I happened upon the paper products aisle, the very place they sell that bastardization of a kitchen product called plastic wrap.’
    • ‘The biggest part of it, however, was the fear that my colleagues would disapprove of the blog as a bastardization of our profession - and, by extension, a bad reflection on the scholarly side of my cv.’