Definition of bassline in US English:



  • The lowest part or sequence of notes in a piece of music.

    • ‘The bassist helps define each song with super-duper basslines and the guitar interplay is quite good.’
    • ‘Thankfully, at least, the dynamics of the fluid rolling basslines keep your interest in the music - if your interest in the lyrics has died.’
    • ‘The funky basslines and swingy guitars make this song a bit special.’
    • ‘The band had the audience on the edge as they played the bassline of the song for well over a minute before kicking into it with great effect!’
    • ‘It's got a nice bit which is either a bassline or a guitar melody, I'm unsure which.’
    • ‘There are basslines that buzz and woof, balanced by choice eastern melodies, classical Spanish guitar and operatic vocals; but none of this is particularly original or strong.’
    • ‘The songs shake along quite satisfyingly, as the two guitars rasp out post punk, alt-rock riffs set against solid pulsating basslines.’
    • ‘The rhythms and basslines are smooth and inventive, never cliched.’
    • ‘The album opens with gentle acoustic guitar, coupled with plaintive vocals, which soon crashes into a rousing sing-along of a chorus, complete with fuzzy basslines and distorted guitars.’
    • ‘It all works together in a way that feels very natural - with the basslines and rhythms.’
    • ‘Forlorn piano waltzes, blue basslines and fairytale xylophones combine to create a lonely, delicate soundscape.’
    • ‘But the melodies and basslines are in the background.’
    • ‘I mostly love the music, the jangly guitar intro and the cool bassline and the vocal melody.’
    • ‘So this is an attempt to use a more creative sound; although in truth it boils down to a big bassline and a drum beat.’
    • ‘Far from the soothing rolling basslines of the more popular trance movement, this is music that is chopped to its finest points.’
    • ‘The melodies and tunes are distinctly their own, the rhythms, the lyrics, the basslines.’
    • ‘The melodies, chill-out vibes and booming basslines that made it accessible to the masses quickly became a cliche.’
    • ‘Bassline, B-line, Heavy beat, call it what you like, the bassline is one of the sounds which brings music to life.’
    • ‘Musically, they stroll rather than rock, constructing songs round punchy guitar harmonics and placid basslines.’
    • ‘It's a simple song that combines a on-the-verge-of-being-overdriven bassline with a simple rhythmic piano sample.’