Definition of bass viol in US English:

bass viol


  • 1A viola da gamba.

    • ‘One of the commonest consorts in the Elizabethan period was the combination of treble viol or violin, flute or recorder, bass viol, lute, cittern, and bandora.’
    • ‘They were both masters of the bass viol, and indeed of composition.’
    • ‘Acting as his lyre, he has two obbligato bass viols which creates a series of remarkable timbres.’
    • ‘He is a Finn, and he plays the bass viol.’
    • ‘Most of the score is lame, but the musical theme - arranged for violin, viola, and bass viol - is suitably stark and creepy.’
    1. 1.1North American A double bass.
      • ‘They were built in several sizes, and a bass viol looks much like a cello.’
      • ‘Up to a dozen of these particular clamps would be used when gluing up the body of a cello or a bass viol.’
      • ‘Did this aspect of the literature shape your thinking at all when writing a concerto for the bass viol?’
      • ‘Among instruments, the lowest-pitched member of a family is referred to as the bass, for example, the bass recorder or bass viol.’
      • ‘The bass viol, in particular, is more than just a matter of the fingers, but rather of cradling the instrument with the whole body.’


bass viol

/ˌbās ˈvīəl//ˌbeɪs ˈvaɪəl/