Definition of basket star in US English:

basket star


  • A brittlestar having branched arms.

    Genus Gorgonocephalus, family Gorgonocephalidae: several species, including the large G. eucnemis

    • ‘Ophiuroids are a large group of echinoderms that includes the brittle stars and basket stars (Euryalida).’
    • ‘By contrast with other echinoderm species, basket stars are unknown in storm drift lines.’
    • ‘The basket star, looking more like a soft coral with its delicate branching arms, reaches out into the current in search of its next meal.’
    • ‘Huge cauliflower soft corals, basket stars and brightly coloured sponges seem to cover almost every centimetre of reef.’
    • ‘One site on the landward side of the fjord was an almost vertical wall leading down to a ledge at 30m, where we were told we should find large sea spiders and basket stars.’