Definition of basipetal in English:



  • 1(of growth or development) downward toward the base or point of attachment.

    The opposite of acropetal
    • ‘We also show that cellular responses are propagated in a basipetal direction in P. rhoeas pollen tubes.’
    • ‘Expression of the DXR gene in adaxial phloem parenchyma cells was more pronounced in the young revoluted base of the leaves with a basipetal gradient decreasing toward the tips of older leaves.’
    • ‘Alterations of the actin cytoskeleton and arrest of cytoplasmic streaming induced by the SI reaction are propagated in a basipetal direction in the tubular cell.’
    • ‘Lateral view of young inflorescence with basipetal initiation of flowers in the axil of bracts.’
    • ‘Ellipsoidal microconidia and falcate macroconidia are formed from phialides by basipetal division; globose chlamydospores with thick walls are formed acrogenously from hyphae or by the modification of hyphal cells.’
    1. 1.1 (of the movement of dissolved substances) inward from the shoot and root apexes.
      • ‘In every case, the basipetal movement was greater than the acropetal movement.’
      • ‘From there they will flow to other parts of the shoot in both basipetal and acropetal directions.’
      • ‘Furthermore, in both animals and plants, gradients of growth factors are established, in plants by basipetal auxin transport, inducing and controlling vascular differentiation.’
      • ‘However, a continuous basipetal transport of auxin from the shoot to the rooting zone (upper part taproot) is required for adventious root formation.’
      • ‘In the apical area 10-20 m from the apex, movement of the larger organelles slowed down slightly, before they were transported back in a basipetal direction resuming the same speed as before.’


Mid 19th century: from basis + Latin petere seek + -al.