Definition of basilectal in US English:



  • See basilect

    • ‘It is my impression that prosodic focus without syntactic reorganization is possible at other levels of the Creole continuum not at the basilectal level.’
    • ‘The article focuses on the basilectal features of the oldest speaker and considers how such features became stigmatized.’
    • ‘Furthermore, labels such as rare, historical, rural and basilectal help to categorize the items.’
    • ‘I will focus especially at basilectal errors that are generalized across a large number of papers, as they could conceivably be the most reliable indicators of written language loss or failed acquisition.’
    • ‘They are arranged along a post-Creole continuum which has acrolectal (those varieties closest to the superstrate) at one end and basilectal (those varieties furthest from it) at the other.’