Definition of basilar membrane in US English:

basilar membrane


  • A membrane in the cochlea that bears the organ of Corti.

    • ‘The preparation included the modiolar bone, basilar membrane, and overlying organ of Corti of a half to a full turn.’
    • ‘Standard theory states that cellular structures in the organ of Corti move in unison as a rigid body, around a hinge point located at the attachment of the basilar membrane to the bony core of the cochlea.’
    • ‘The realization that outer hair cells pump the basilar membrane is also leading to a revised theory of cochlear mechanics.’
    • ‘The organ is located on the top of the basilar membrane showing a characteristic vibration pattern when being stimulated by incoming sound.’
    • ‘Like the mammalian cochlea, the alligator lizard cochlea is driven by pressure differences across the basilar membrane.’