Definition of basidiospore in US English:



  • A spore produced by a basidium.

    • ‘Inside the peridioles are masses of basidiospores - the ‘seeds’ of the fungus.’
    • ‘Four chains of basidiospores, the sexual spores of C. neoformans, are then produced from each basidium.’
    • ‘The fungus produces a type of spore - a basidiospore - that can be spread from plant to plant by wind or splashing water.’
    • ‘It usually grows as a haploid yeast that reproduces by budding, but under certain environmental conditions it may also undergo a sexual cycle resulting in the production of basidiospores.’
    • ‘After 2-3 weeks of incubation at room temperature, extensive hyphae were produced and both basidiospores (sexual spores) and blastospores (asexual spores) could be observed under microscope.’