Definition of basicity in US English:



  • The number of hydrogen atoms replaceable by a base in a particular acid.

    • ‘Classical means of separation were based on the small differences in basicity and solubility.’
    • ‘If the amines were acting as the hydrogen bond acceptors, the bimolecular quenching constants would be expected to increase with basicity of the amines, i.e. for amines with lower pK b values.’
    • ‘One hypothesis they did not consider is the high basicity of lysin (PI 10 11; J. Nam, personal communication) and the high acidity of VERLs.’
    • ‘The basicity of an organic acid is determined by the number of carboxyl groups present.’
    • ‘It is the chemical basicity of the nucleotides that has given them the common term ‘bases’ as they are associated with nucleotides present in DNA and RNA.’